Odds & Ends - Sample Portfolio This is a collection of other design projects I have been involved with over the years.

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Godalming United Church

Godalming, Surrey, England

The church wanted to create a banner that represented the entire congregation (all ages) but also represented the congregation's outreach to the community and the world. I created a design featuring rainbow colored circles of hands radiating out from the central cross. Half of the hands faced inwards, towards the cross, and the other half of the hands faced outward. I traced the hands of all the adults, youth, and toddlers in the congregation, enlisting the help of volunteers to gather hand tracings from those in the hospital or in nursing homes. I traced these outlines onto the colored fabrics and used iron-on fusing to attach them to the banner. So the whole church was literally part of the banner. It became meaninful later on, as some members of the congregation deceased, to know that their hands were still present on the banner.
The banners were created with iron-on fusing and cotton and felt fabrics.

Godalming United Church banner Godalming United Church banner (5 feet by 12 feet). After several weeks displayed behind the altar, the banner was moved to it's permanent location in the main entryway of the church.