Branding - Sample PortfolioYour brand identity is your first impression. What does it say about you or your company? Does it accurately and clearly reflect who you are and what you do? Can you understand it at a glance? Whether it is a new logo from scratch or a re-branding of an existing identity, Hyla Skudder Design specializes in effective brand solutions.

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Franklin Administrative Services Team

Columbus, OH

This is a logo developed for a new administrative and accounting branch of an existing company. Elements from the existing parent company’s branding, such as the rounded rectangular frame, light blue color, and use of a subtle background texture) were reflected in the new logo's design to provide some consistency between the two entities. However, the typographic treatment, graphics, and overall design were unique to the new company to give it a separate identity.

Artwork created with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Draw. Print publications created in Adobe InDesign. Work produced as a contract graphic designer with Franklin Computer Services.

Franklin Administrative Services Team logo Franklin Administrative Services Team Parent company's logo