Illustration - Sample Portfolio National award-winning illustrator: illustrations for the book "A Garden of Wildflowers" won the Garden Writers of America 1st Place award for book illustration. The artwork samples in this portfolio range from rich and vibrant colored pencil drawings for trade books, pen and ink drawings, watercolors, and Photoshop illustrations created for print and the web.

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Clowns Serving Christ Ministries

Westerville, Ohio

This illustrated logo was developed for a Christian clowning organization, for use on their web site, as well as for posters and banners at their performances. The group loaned me their photo archives so that I could accurately depict costumes, colors, and face make up.

This series of 20 small clown faces was used for the cover of the concluding worship service at ClownTown 2008, a national annual gathering of clowns held in Newark, Ohio. It was the 20th anniversary of ClownTown, so the twenty faces represnted the "twenty years of laughter."

The twentieth anniversary bulletin cover for the 2008 ClownTown concluding worship service.

The illustrations were hand drawn in pen and ink, and colored in Adobe Photoshop.

Illstration of clowns in a cross Clowns Serving Christ Ministries logo.

Illustration of 20 clown faces for worship bulletin cover Illustration of twenty clown faces celebrating the 20th anniversary of ClownTown held in Newark, Ohio.

Bulletin cover for ClownTown 2008 worship service Cover for the 2008 ClownTown concluding worship service, led by Clowns Serving Christ Ministries.