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National Sportsmen's Alliance

Columbus, OH

This was a "sweepstakes" brochure to help the organization raise money to fund it's family outdoor recreation and skills training programs. Previous brochures had presented a more hard-core masculine "hunter" appearance. Since this was meant to appeal more to families in a broader range of outdoor activities, I chose a softer more nature-focused look, with a father/son image on the front and a painterly forest background (created from a photograph in Adobe Photoshop.

Print designs created with Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

Sweepstakes brochure cover. Sweepstakes folded brochure -- cover panel.

Sweepstakes brochure panels Sweepstakes folded brochure panels-- first open fold and outside back panel.

Sweepstakes brochure Complete sweepstakes brochure.

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