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Leadership Worthington

Worthington, OH

Leadership Worthington is a non-profit organization that sponsors leadership training programs and workshops in the local community for both adults and middle and high school youth. They contracted Hyla Skudder Design for a brand overhaul that they hoped would give their organization a more professional appearance to attract a wider participation in the community.

The organization had a brand mark that they wanted to keep (an abstract “L” and “W” graphic), but they had never had any consistent application of their name to the mark, or any consistency among their printed publications, which were produced independently by many volunteers. The project included creating a new brand logo (incorporating the existing mark); branding guidelines (including consistent use of logo font and color); application of revised logo to letterhead and business cards.

Another important aspect of the project was the production of Word and Publisher templates for tri-fold brochures, event flyers, award certificates and postcards that staff and volunteers could use to produce their own publications while maintaining consistency across the organization.

Print designs created with Adobe Photoshop and InDesign; templates created in Microsoft Word and Publisher; logo created with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Draw. Work performed as a contract designer with Franklin Computer Services.

Leadership Worthington program brochures. Leadership Worthington program brochures. The designs for the generic "blank" brochures (cover header and footer and all top and bottom page borders) were professionally pre-printed in Reflex Blue. Word and Publisher templates were created so staff could populate the brochures with black and white specific content and print this on the pre-printed papers to produce a variety of brochures.

Leadership Worthington print materials Leadership Worthington print materials -- letterhead and business cards, note cards and envelopes, sample event flyer..

Leadership Worthington logo Franklin Administrative Services Team -- stand-alone logo.

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