Web Design - Sample PortfolioWith today's technology, you can have a web site with features that flash, swoop, tap dance and blare music -- but that doesn't necessarily mean that all of it is a good idea. Careful thought and planning, more than bells and whistles, will give you a web site that gives your site viewers efficient access to the information they seek, ensuring that they stay longer and hear what you have to say. Hyla Skudder Design specializes in clean, efficient but visually rich web designs, for businesses and individuals.

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Barkan Neff Handelman Meizlish, LLP

Columbus, OH

This was a web site redesign project for a Columbus area law firm. The client wanted to maintain the structure of their current site, but wanted to update the graphic appearance of the site. They requested the use of a courthouse roof shot in the top of the site pages, so this was incorporated into the new design.
Former law firm web site home page Former web site home page.

The site was rebuilt in partnership with developer Pete Dunlap through Franklin Computer Services.

New law firm home page The new home page design -- featuring the new courthouse roof photograph, prominent placement of branch offices and phone number in the upper left, and easy to find links to the major areas of the site.

New law firm home page showing hover state links. The new home page showing the subtle hover state on the links.