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The Gault Center for Christian Leadership

Delaware, OH

The Gault Center is in transition and the site is inactive at this time.
The Gault Center is a continuing education Christian Leadership organization housed on the Campus of the Methodist Theological School in Ohio, but maintaining an independent budget and staff, and having their own brand identity. Because of the close interconnectedness of the two institutions, the client wanted to maintain a visual similarity in site design to the Methodist Theological School in Ohio (the Gault Center is a link from that site), yet at the same time have a unique presence of their own. The new design attempted to do both those things. The page structure is similar to the theological school's layout, but the color scheme and font treatments are keyed off the Gault's logo.

The site was both designed and built by Hyla Skudder Designs working as a contract designer with Franklin Computer Services. The site was built using Microsoft Expression Web.

The Gault Center for Christian Leadership home page The home page design for the Gault Center site.

The Gault Center Programs page. The Gault Center Programs page.

The Gault Center Contact page. The Gault Center Contact page featuring an asp.net form.

The E-News page. The e-Newsletter page. This page featured a "subscribe" field to sign up for the online newsletter, as well as links to archived newsletters.